Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wow another award!

I have been awarded this wonderful award from Rachel of Rachelz Expressionz, Thanks so much hun!
Oh and also from Darla of Darla's place. Thanks so much sweetie!

The rules of this award are to say 7 things I love and to then pass this award onto 7 people.
Well 7 things i love are...
My kids
My hubby
My family
My online friends
Playing computer games

And now i have to pass this award onto 7 people
So the 7 i choose are....

Jo & Jules of J&J Scrappers
Melissa of WhisprdDreams Designz
Felinesrus of The Feline's Den
Sizzel of Sizzel Designs
Stacey of S & M Creationz
Impy of Imp's Provisations
Foxy of Foxy's Designz

Check them out!


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