Monday, September 8, 2008

Halloween Kit to come real soon

Well i am working on a Halloween kit right now. I think it will be one of my best kits yet. I absolutely LOVE Halloween so i may make a couple kits. I would let ya know the name of it but rather it be a surprise...and so no one steals my idea LOL. I have seen a few scrappers talking about not using traditional purple and orange since alot of ppl do it, which is what i am doing as well, at least for this one, cant promise i wont in the real near future lol. Im really hoping this kit will do even better than my last one. Anyways, i got some things to do, the day ran away from me while i was busy working on this kit lol. Hubby wouldnt be too impressed if i didnt get the dishes done and supper cooked and i gotta pick up my 6yo up soon from school. So off i go. Hopefully my next post will be my kit :)



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