Monday, August 4, 2008

Well im still here

Well i switched ISP and phone companies. Im so angry with how a company i have been so loyal with could care less about my problems and businesses wonder why ppl have no loyalty anymore? I havent actually hooked up my new modem yet, im still using the net from my old ISP. We had to get a working cable line installed, the guy who came to install the phone found out our line was old and not working. He was here almost 2 hours, just to get a phone going. They have to come back in a week to get the line he ran off the ground. Oh well, it works, thats all i care about. Now i havent made anything in PSP lately but i will try to real soon. My 11yo is heading off to Nova Scotia on Friday...i live in Ontario. Thats quite a distance. Im a bit nervous but i know she will have a great time. A couple other classmates will be going as well and one had come back from the same camp about 2 weeks ago. She saw her the other day and told her how great it was, so now shes excited. I am trying to pawn my 6yo off on my parents for at least one of these days so me and hubby can have some time to ourselves. Did i tell you all he got a job? Well yup, day shift and he started on Monday. Now today is a civic holiday and he had the choice to work or not. He decided not to which i am SO not happy about. Oh well, just makes me want to get a part time job when school starts even more. He doesnt want me to, he likes coming home and having supper on the table after years of working night shift. But i dont care, if hes not gonna work like hes supposed to then i will and he will find himself doing some housework. He doesnt do much of that as it is, barely will take the garbage out even when hes the one outside all the time smoking anyways grrr. He cooks tho, but he likes that so that doesnt count LOL. Anyways, things seem to be looking up. So im gonna try and see what kind of stuff i can come up with in PSP. It might just be small stuff for now, but it will be free so it doesnt matter, does it? lol.



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