Monday, August 11, 2008

Another update

Well the company i switched to for my phone and internet has been a huge PITA. I picked up my modem 2 weeks ago but i hadnt bothered installing it cause im a procrastinator lol. Well later that week we had the phone hooked up and found out we didnt even have a working cable line in this house, its an old house. There was one once but it was old and not working. So the guy took 2 hours to get the line installed and our phone working. Well he told me i could split the line for the internet. Well i didnt bother trying, once again putting it off. Well Saturday i decided i would do it and lo and behold, it wont work. So i call customer service, they tell me they need to send another techinician out. Ok fine, but the earliest date is August 23rd. I am so mad. Thats 2 freakin weeks. Its especially upsetting because my 11yo is in Nova Scotia at camp and the only way to send them letters that would reach them in time is thru email. I have no clue when my former ISP will be disconnecting me, so it could be any day now. So i may be missing for up to 2 weeks. Im gonna try and get someone here sooner, but im not holding my breath. If i end up with no net for awhile, i guess it will give me time to tag and make some scraps LOL. Ok anyways, i am outta here for now. Im tired after updating my blog. It took me a bit to figure everything out, but i think i got it now. Gonna go eat, start supper and then make some tags from tubes i won in UpYourArt MSN group. I will try to be back here soon, internet providing lol.



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Melissa said...

Heya hun! Check my blog out, you have an award over there =0)