Monday, July 21, 2008

Maybe a cya later

Well for those who know, my husband has been unemployed for a long while. He was laid off most of last year until just before Christmas when he was given his severance and permananet layoff. He found a job for a short time but they fired him. Wasnt his fault, his boss was mad cause he had a seizure one day. Of course we cant prove this and its illegal (my husband is epileptic and yes they knew before) but since he had one the boss had been on his ass for anything and everything. The day he got fired the boss was in a bad mood and some ppl had messed some stuff up and my hubby made a really small and easily fixable mistake but the boss just fired him. Since then he hasnt been able to find work. Hes a welder and thanks to gas prices etc, the manufacturing jobs around here have been hard to find. Alot of the American companies are moving back to the US which isnt helping any. Well he has a line on a job now but now another problem. Our phone company is angry we have been behind for months so they gave us an ultimatum. We have to pay the outstanding or lose the phone and internet. Well i dont have $454 and we are on welfare since he has run his unemployment out. I dont know what to do anymore. So unless some miracle happens, it may be ages before i will have internet access again. So i thought you would all want to know in case i disappear. So unless you see me update this, then chances are i lost my net. Please keep your fingers crossed something comes up.

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