Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Kit Soon

Well i am in the midst of working on a new kit. I guarantee it will be my best yet...even if you arent too keen on the color scheme lol. Its actually an idea i got from a tag i made. Im also making the tutorial for the same tag. Well i will show you the tag so you can get an idea what im talking about lol.

So i made the paper for the background and the chalkboard myself just for this tag. Well it was sitting there in with my scrapkit stuff and i thought, you know what, i like the colors and they are different so i think i will make a kit to match. Then i thought, hey, why not write the tutorial for the tag too! So thats what im going to do. It may take a few since the kids go back to school on Tuesday BUT i will have more free time since both will be in full time...until i find a part time job that is lol. But until then, i will have more free time with no kids. So, it shouldnt be much longer. Oh, but the drink glass with the lime and lemon came with another scrapkit which is now PTU so i cant share it, sorry. I tried my hand at making a champagne glass by it looks ok i guess. I was just mad that PSP crashed on me just after i saved the smaller version but not the larger version and when i reloaded it, it didnt come back up. So i guess it will have to do as i wont try that tut again LOL. Anyways, thats my news.



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