Thursday, August 28, 2008

Soon, did i say soon? Maybe tomorrow???

Yup, i should have my new kit posted tomorrow, just in time for the weekend. YAY! Its a long weekend here so i wanna get it up so i dont worry about it. Kids go back on Tuesday so i got alot of work to get done. Hopefully i can get my tutorial done and posted as well, i have been trying to get them both done but i had to wait until i got the kit done and uploaded for the links to the kit to post on the tut, so i thought i would wait until tomorrow. Hubby wants me to rub his foot cause he hurt it at work. I know it isnt that bad or he woulda came home, i know how he is lol. Ok well, getting off here. The sooner i get this done, the sooner i can rub his foot and get to bed. It kills me getting up at 5:30 am but im not gonna complain now that he has a job. Oh and because i stayed up working on this kit Tuesday night until almost 11:30pm, well im trying to catch up on my sleep. Doesnt help when you cant sleep well the next night, but my mind doesnt always shut down when its supposed to. But i can guarantee that if it wasnt for him, i would prolly be on here again late just so i can get the kit up and the tut finished. Oh well, whats a few more hours eh? lol. See yas tomorrow!



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