Monday, December 19, 2011

My HUGE Christmas sale!!

I am having a HUGE Christmas sale for the rest of December.
You can get pretty much any of my products for 50 cents a piece!
PU, CU, Tagger size and Full size.
Or you can buy my whole tagger store, minus the vampire diaries kits, for ONLY $5!
That's well over 40 kits for ONLY $5!
You get kits for about 10 cents a piece! What a bargain!
Then go ahead and grab those VD kits for 50 cents *wink*
So please check out either of my stores in the links to the right.
There's something for everyone!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just a Sale update...60% off!

You can grab my stuff on sale for 60% off at all of my stores this month.
The only things not included are bundles, everything else is. Yes, including my vampire diaries inspired kits.
Of course you can always grab all my tagger kits for $10! There is a bonus extra kit if you buy the bundle at Treasured Scraps (because its an exclusive to the store)
Just remember, the tagger bundle does NOT include my inspired by the Vampire Diaries kits...but since they're on for 60% OFF, you can grab them relatively cheap.
Have a great day!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Collab kit, New'ish' mini tagger kit and Buy my tagger store 2011

Wow a lot of news for someone who's not online much anymore lol.
First of all, Treasured Scraps
is having it's anniversary sale this weekend. The store has come together to have a storewide sale, everything 25% off or better. In fact, my sale is much better, but I'm having a brain fart to how much I've signed up for, (maybe 70% or something) but it IS better than the 50% everything is on sale for right now. So make sure you check it out this weekend.
But also, we've made a tagger kit collab and a CU grab bag for this occasion. I didn't have time for the CU part, but I did manage to make a kit. Not too bad for a quick kit I think.
Here's a preview

Now, I added a newish mini tagger kit to my stores as well. It was once a collab kit from one of my stores, only available in full size, but I've decided to sell it separately as a tagger kit. It's only $1 regular price, but right now you can get it for 50 cents, or wait until the weekend over at Treasured and you can get it even cheaper.
Here's the preview

And, *trumpets play*, LOL!

I've finally managed to get another Buy my tagger store up. You can grab 43 kits (44 in treasured, cause one of them is an exclusive to that store) for one LOW PRICE! Only $10!!!!
That's for all of my kits I've created until mid 2011. This DOES NOT include any of my kits belonging to my inspired by the vampire diaries collection, but it Does include my shades of collection.
You can grab this huge deal at Treasured or at The Creativity Box now, soon to be at Whisprd Designz.

Now, promise me you'll all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New PTU kit ~ Katherine, inspired by The Vampire Diaries and a FREEBIE!

I managed to get my new Katherine kit uploaded and in my stores quicker than I had anticipated. That's good news, right?
The regular price for the kit will be $2.50, but you have until the end of the month to grab it for ONLY $1.00! That's 24 papers and 125 elements! What a savings!
You can get the kit at either The Creativity Box or Treasured Scraps right now. It should be up in Whisprd Designz by tomorrow. Links are on the sidebar.
I also have some extras I left out of the kit, so now you can grab them for free! Everyone loves free stuff, am I right?

Here is the preview once again for my Katherine kit

And here is the preview for the extras, not everything is shown, obviously lol

You can grab it HERE

I haven't started on a new kit yet, but I got the color palette, so that's a start, right? lol.
Have a great day everyone!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Update and a Sneak Peek of my next kit ~ Katherine

I have now finished uploading my new Stefan kit to all three of my stores. It is on sale until the end of the month for only $1 at all of them. My links are on the sidebar.
Don't forget! The rest of my items are also on for 50% off.

Now, I told you I was almost finished my next kit, inspired by The Vampire Diaries, and I did finish it! It's called, Katherine. Now I don't have it up yet, because I need access to my mil's computer, but I swear it will be up before the end of the week. I will also be posting some extras I made for free with it. The kit is huge as it was, 125 elements, but with the extras...well it was way too big lol, so you get the extras. I made them, might as well share, right?
So, here is the sneak peek of my next kit.

Oh, it will also be put on sale when it's finally up, so look out for that. For such a huge kit, you'll get a great deal!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

New PTU kit ~ Stefan - Inspired by The Vampire Diaries, a free desktop background and a sale

Well I managed to get my newest Vampire Diaries inspired kit, entitled, 'Stefan' up in one of my stores. The rest to follow as soon as I can get some time.
It's a tagger sized only kit with 24 papers and 78 elements. The regular price for the kit will be $2.50 BUT I have it on special until the end of the month for only $1.00!!!! I'm also having a 50% off sale on the rest of my items.
You can find it at The Creativity Box right now if you go HERE

Here is a preview of the kit

I also have a little gift for you. Its a desktop background I made with elements from the kit. One has Stefan's name on it, the other does not. They are in PSD format so you can easily add a picture in the frame. It is made for a wide screen computer. I can't remember the size at the moment (i know my bad) but I believe it's 1680x1020 or something like that. As long as you have a widescreen, it should fit, should, no guarantees *wink*
Here is a preview of what it looks like (click on the image to see full size)

And HERE is the download link

I'm working on Katherine's kit next. It's actually almost done, so I hope to have it up soon.

Have a great day!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just an update

I am still officially offline as of now and not sure when I will be back. But that doesn't mean I'm not working, because I have been.
Right now I'm using the library computers, so I can't upload any kits to my stores, but I do have a finished one that I will upload as soon as my MIL gets hers back up and running (If she ever calls them to fix it)
It is my second kit in my Vampire Diaries collection, called Stefan. I even made a desktop background with it that I will be giving away for free, as soon as I can.
As for my next kit, I'm kinda in between. Really I should be going in a logical order, so the next one would be called Elena, but I think the Katherine one is gonna end up finished before that because it's inspired me more, ya cause shes a bad girl I guess lol.
So while Im officially away, I am still at home playing when I can. Hopefully things will work out for me sooner, rather than later.
I wish everyone well.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Sale and a note

First off, I am having a 60% sale for the whole summer at all of my stores.
So make sure you don't miss out!

Secondly, I will be offline for some time and I'm not sure when I will be back.
Money issues have finally caught up with us, so my internet is disconnected and will be until I am able to pay the bill. I'm not sure when that will be, but I'm guessing it will probably take most of the summer.
I hope all of you are well and are in a better place than I am. Stay safe.