Friday, September 30, 2011

Collab kit, New'ish' mini tagger kit and Buy my tagger store 2011

Wow a lot of news for someone who's not online much anymore lol.
First of all, Treasured Scraps
is having it's anniversary sale this weekend. The store has come together to have a storewide sale, everything 25% off or better. In fact, my sale is much better, but I'm having a brain fart to how much I've signed up for, (maybe 70% or something) but it IS better than the 50% everything is on sale for right now. So make sure you check it out this weekend.
But also, we've made a tagger kit collab and a CU grab bag for this occasion. I didn't have time for the CU part, but I did manage to make a kit. Not too bad for a quick kit I think.
Here's a preview

Now, I added a newish mini tagger kit to my stores as well. It was once a collab kit from one of my stores, only available in full size, but I've decided to sell it separately as a tagger kit. It's only $1 regular price, but right now you can get it for 50 cents, or wait until the weekend over at Treasured and you can get it even cheaper.
Here's the preview

And, *trumpets play*, LOL!

I've finally managed to get another Buy my tagger store up. You can grab 43 kits (44 in treasured, cause one of them is an exclusive to that store) for one LOW PRICE! Only $10!!!!
That's for all of my kits I've created until mid 2011. This DOES NOT include any of my kits belonging to my inspired by the vampire diaries collection, but it Does include my shades of collection.
You can grab this huge deal at Treasured or at The Creativity Box now, soon to be at Whisprd Designz.

Now, promise me you'll all have a great weekend!

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