Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just some updates, sales and stuff

I'm starting to get really bad with my updates. I have sales and havent been putting them on my blog UGH! So how do you all know about them if i dont?
So, i have everything, except my memberships, tagger bundle and services on sale for 75 cents across the board. Yup, 75 cents. So go and grab yourself some huge deals at Treasured Scraps while you can. The sale ends on the 12th.

And since people are already starting to tag Halloween kits, i just wanted to remind everyone about last years freebie, Bloody Halloween. I always leave my freebie kits up for anyone to grab. It was in the beginning of my scrapping but i think there are a few good things in that kit lol. I also had some bloody wordart that i think rocks, but thats me lol. So here are the links for them so you dont have to search for them

I am still working on that huge bundle. I wish i could say more, but you know good ideas can be borrowed, so i shal wait until im done. Im partially dont my 7th kit, then i have 8 and 9 and im done. Whew. I also have alot of store collabs and a free blog train coming up so i really wanna get these done. I wanna get Halloween stuff kicking, its my favorite "holiday" and always has been. Im thinking i might sorta add to my bloody halloween kit since it could go well with the vampire stuff thats so popular right now. I dunno, we will see. All i know is the standard colors are kinda boring to me so we will see.

Ummm i think thats it for now. I will come post again if i forgot something LOL


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