Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Tags and an LO with my kits

I am trying to catch up on all the things i need to get done before i get my head stuck in PSP or PS again lol.

First of all, here is an LO with my new A Little Bit O Irish kit, i love this LO.
I had to resize a bit to fit.

These first 2 tags were sent to me by blog readers woot!
They were made with parts of the Mardi Gras Blog Train kits, not just mine.

This first one came from Mincrisar....i love the tube she used, i dont have it yet but i want it lol.

This one came from Liz, who i know from a game site called Pogo

This next one was made with my Purple Love kit, aka Valentine blog train kit

The next 4 come from my On Cloud Nine kit.
Maybe its in bad taste, but i think that kit is awesome lol i just love the colors i chose for it

Well thats it for that, now im caught up, just gotta put them in my slideshow now lol. I will get to my awards hopefully a bit later on today ladies. Thanks so much!


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