Saturday, February 28, 2009

Holy cow a million sales...seriously! lmao

Im not kidding you, almost every store i belong to is having a sale.

First of all, i am having a 28 cent sale in The Creativity Box. I just got my stuff in there last night :o)

Then Treasured Scraps is again having a wacky sale as well. Umm i am sure its 28 cents as well, but only for today.

Then a new store BabyV Dezign Scraps is having a 50 cent sale

And last but not least, Mischief's Scrapz is having a 30 cent sale i believe it is.
Seriously, with so many stores i am in i cant keep track, all i know is i say yes to the sales lmao. Only one of my stores isnt having a sale right now. So go check them all out and find some HUMUNGOUS deals!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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