Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yup, sales and a collection of my kits

Well holy cow do i have news for you!
First of all, i finally got the ad for Treasured, so i will show you that first, but please read on lol.

Ok, now that that is done lol.

Like i was saying yesterday. I have made a collection of all the Christmas kits i have made this year. Including ones i did for collabs and 1 Thanksgiving collab i did with a store i am no longer with. It is a huge collection AND the best part is that its only $4.25!!!!!!!
Omg but it gets better still.
It IS included in the sales i am having in Treasured and Mischief's, so you can get them even cheaper! I think i have gone loony lol.

Oh and to those who may have purchased one of my Christmas kits already. If you have and you buy this collection, feel free to give the one you already purchased to a friend. This is NOT a license to go giving my kits away. But if you have already purchased one and get it again because you buy my collection, than you can give the one or ones you have purchased to a friend AND i mean ONE friend. I hope i dont have to get any clearer than that, its not much to ask and i doubt anyone else would allow this. So please dont abuse my generosity.

I dont think i have any other updates at the moment, so have a great night all!


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