Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Rose tut

Well Rose has outdone herself again! She has written a tutorial with my part of the Mischiefs Scraps Grand Opening collab kit, which is now being given free with any $10 purchase at Mischiefs Scraps, oh and not only that..l.Mischiefs is having a lottery. Every 2 weeks someone will win a $20 gift certificate and you only have to spend $10. So hey, you could grab some stuff, get that collab AND possibly win a $20 gift certificate, how could you pass that up?

Before i link to the tutorial, i wanted to let you know i have a HUGE contest coming up. I will wait to post it this weekend but it is HUGE and i mean HUGE. People dont say im crazy for nothing lmao.

Ok here is what the tag looks like
Click thumbnail for larger image

The link to the tutorial is HERE

Happy Tagging!

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