Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just a quick hey

Hey all, hope all is well with my readers.
My birthday was ok, i cant really complain.
I just wanted to let you all know i am busy working on my first of many Christmas kits lol. I had a bit of a creative block for a few days but i think im ok now. Im just tired.
Also, i have just been accepted to another store, Mischief Scrapz. Its a pretty new store but they got some great stuff there. So why not check it out? There is even a bunch of sales going on.
Ok thats it for me, gotta get some other stuff done today. Gonna go get my hair cut woohoo! Its more than half way down my back and the ends are all dead and split. Hubby doesnt want me to cut it lol. But im cutting off maybe 2 inches so it looks better and a little easier to handle....i hope. Nice to have a MIL who owns a salon lol, but i dont get in there often cause im only allowed when shes not busy lmao. Ah well, cant complain when all i have to do is tip the hairdresser $5.
If you have given me an award i will do it soon, i just dont have time now and i gotta get the kids up shortly. Have a great day everyone!

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