Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hmmm an idea

Well i have an idea, we will see how it flies lol. The Happy Hour kit was inspired from a tube by Dean Lee Norton. I made the chalkboard and the background weeks ago...before i even thought of making it a kit, i just wanted it for the tag. Well then i was thinking, what if i make kits inspired on colors from certain tubes. Cause sometimes i have a hard time finding suitable colors for certain tubes. I know the colors dont always have to match, but sometimes it looks great if they do. So, i am proposing this. If you would like a kit in the colors from a certain tube, email me and i will see what i can do. I cant guarantee i will do it for you, but im sure if you ask nicely enough i will lol. I will do my best to match colors and choose elements that may go with it. Sound like a good idea? Then go ahead, email me. I will see how this goes. If it goes over well, maybe i will continue to do it. For now, im gonna go look thru my PTU tubes and find one i need a kit for lol.
Oh and before i forget, if you want me to make you one from a PTU tube, do NOT send it to me. You can just tell me the name and where it is and i can get the colors from it. I have a program that works just like the eye dropper tool, it can get the hexidecimal of any color on any page. So i dont need an actual tube.



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