Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wow, i got an award!

Yup, J&J Scrappers awarded my blog yesterday. Why dont you click on their button on the right there and go see, it made my day. I was especially having a bad day and well today isnt much different. I took my kids to the water park on Monday. It was alot of fun BUT i didnt use enuff sunscreen and got so BADLY burned its unreal. Today is Thursday, 3 days later and it doesnt feel much better. Actually, last night it felt like it was getting worse. I am waiting on a call from my MIL, she was supposed to go to my pharmacist (she works in the same mall as them) and ask them if they have something i can use or if i should go to the hospital tonight. I will not venture outside while its sunny out lol. Heck, i have been in PJ's since Monday night. Not the same ones mind you but in PJ's. I took one with spaghetti straps and took the straps off and used a safety pin to hold it up just above my boobs. My chest is badly burned, about as much as my back and shoulders too. So i have been at my computer alot because i cant move my arms much. I look like a robot lol. I havent felt very creative either. I really wanna dress up my blog some but the HTML is a little beyond what im used to. I still have bloggers links i wanna add, buttons and blinkies etc ugh. Ok i need to stop procrastinating and get it done. I need a swift kick in the rear end lol. So i guess this is where the blog will end so i can open PSP and try and get some stuff done. Hope you all have a great day!

*HUGS* Vella

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Lass said...

If you need one that bad just im me vella Hugs Thanna