Sunday, June 22, 2008

Canada Day LO's and QP's

Well Sassy has done it again. She has made these wonderful LO's and QP's from my new Canada Day kit and they just rock!

On another note, i forgot to mention something in my last post. For some reason, the font i used to make the Canada Map stickers in the kit, did not have some of the Eastern Provinces on it. For that im sorry. I meant to mention it. If i find a better one in the future i will post it. I just didnt want anyone to think i was slighting those missing provinces.

Well it may be awhile before my next kit. Its almost the last days of school here. My 6 yo is going to African Lion Safari tomorrow and i decided to supervise. Im so glad its not a really far drive from here, cause being in a bus full of kids...especially little kids, is not my idea of a fun day lol. On top of it, my oldest daughter who's 11, is off to Earl Haig water park tomorrow as well. Its just a short walk from the school. They are both so excited i am sure it will be hard for them to sleep. On top of it, my 6yo is battling a cold right now. Shes been hacking badly since Saturday morning, but had a cough since midweek. So i am hoping shes feeling ok tomorrow, cause shes gonna be hugely upset if she cant go, its all she has been talking about for weeks now. As well, i have to get my driver's license by the end of July. I dont drive much cause i dont have a vehicle, so i am really rusty. My parents took me out a couple times the past 2 weeks and i have a driving lesson on Friday morning. They wanted it enough before the test in case i need another lesson...sure hope not, cant afford it lol. I have been putting this off forever. We have graduated licensing so i am able to drive but i still have my limits. Im hoping as of July 15th, i will pass my test and never have to do it again for a really really long time. July 15th is also my hubby's birthday, so should be an interesting day. Ok, i need to get the kiddies off to bed if they will. Thanks for visiting and should have some cool pictures to show you soon i hope.


Melissa said...

*giggles* You've been tagged by me.. Go check my blog out to see...
HUGS Melissa

J&J said...

Hi hun you have been given an award check out our blog for details xxx