Monday, September 12, 2011

Just an update

I am still officially offline as of now and not sure when I will be back. But that doesn't mean I'm not working, because I have been.
Right now I'm using the library computers, so I can't upload any kits to my stores, but I do have a finished one that I will upload as soon as my MIL gets hers back up and running (If she ever calls them to fix it)
It is my second kit in my Vampire Diaries collection, called Stefan. I even made a desktop background with it that I will be giving away for free, as soon as I can.
As for my next kit, I'm kinda in between. Really I should be going in a logical order, so the next one would be called Elena, but I think the Katherine one is gonna end up finished before that because it's inspired me more, ya cause shes a bad girl I guess lol.
So while Im officially away, I am still at home playing when I can. Hopefully things will work out for me sooner, rather than later.
I wish everyone well.


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