Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New PTU Kit ~ Xmas In July

I know its been awhile since my last update, its just that this month is pretty busy for me and probably next as well, but i swear i will be by as often as i can.

First, i want to thank everyone who has downloaded any of my freebies and said a thank you, i appreciate it very much. If anytime you would like to share with me what you make i would love to post them on my blog and, when i get around to it, on my slideshow.

Also, today is Wacky Wednesday @ The Creativity Box, so go check out the 50% of sales there. Click on the blinkie on the right under Stores I Sell in.

Before i get to my new kit, i want to tell you about a special collab thats coming in July. Its called the Starving artist collab. There are over 180 designers involved, all using the same large color palette we have all come up with some colorful kits. Each kit will be on sale for $2 a piece all thru July, after July we are allowed to sell for whatever we choose. They are all tagger sized kits. I actually finished my kit and am wondering if i should post it as a teaser LOL. Ya ok, i will lol. Before i do tho a little secret. My Xmas in July kit is also part of a collab in Heartbeatz Creationz for July. If you purchase $10 you will get this HUGE collab kit. And whats so special about it is, there was NO color palette. Everyone made a Xmas kit in whatever colors they wanted so there is a HUGE variety. So basically, if you purchase 5 of the starving artist's kits, you could get those awesome kits and like 16 (or more) Xmas kits for FREE! Isnt that great!!! Talk about a great deal!
Ok so, here is the teaser of my starving artist kit available July 1st

And here is my Xmas in July kit
You can purchase it in any of my stores

I actually had more fun making it now than i do around Xmas time lmao.

Oh and i might have a freebie for you later today or at some point this week, depends on how much i can get done today. So be on the look out.


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