Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New PTU Kit ~ Sweet Sundae Treats

I finally finished this kit after i had a long weekend of work. It wasnt a long weekend here in Canada but Saturday and Sunday i was busy. Sunday i spent at my MIL's helping move some huge rocks and a bit of gardening. Then i came home and planted some plants i got from her garden. To say i was exhausted by the end of the day was an understatement LOL.
So anyways, this kit has been making me SO hungry for ice cream. I guess its a good thing i have no money or i might have went and bought ALOT of it lmao.
This kit comes in both Full and Tagger size. Full is $3.50 and Tagger is $2.50 and of course can be found in all of my stores. Just click on a blinkie on the right under, Stores i sell at to get to one.
Oh and i have 2 tags a friend already made with the kit to show you, shes fast i tell ya lmao. Shes my unofficial CT member. She has helped me alot in the past and my way of repaying her is by giving her all my kits for free, then she makes me tags i can show off here, so techinically i guess i win anyways lol. No strings attached tho, she just does it cause she loves making tags, not cause i make her. She rocks!

Ok, now i will shut up and you the kit LOL
Oh but before, i changed how i do my previews now, just so ya know lol

Here are the 2 tags Di made with the kit

I am editing this as of 4:30pm EST
I made a tag with my kit i wanted to share and i like to keep the posts together, if you know what i mean lol.

Here it is


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