Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ok so what is the kit's name?

Well first i want to thank everyone who sent in ideas. I really did love quite a few of them but they just didnt click. The name i came up with ended up being of my own choosing...sorta. Its really a combination of a few suggestions. BUT and i mean BUT, i have decided to give everyone who sent in suggestions, my kit for free!!! Arent I nice? Teehee.
When....well thats a good question lol. I am actually pretty much finished it, i think, unless something else pops into my head, which is usually the problem lol. I just have to make up the preview and stuff, so im hoping you will all have it tomorrow (Wednesday) some time, unless my hubby leaves me alone tonight, but i wouldnt take that bet if I were you, trust me LOL.
So once again, thanks to everyone and i look forward to seeing what you make with the kit, i hope lol.


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