Friday, April 17, 2009

Name my newest kit ~ CONTEST

Well i hate to ruin a surprise but i cannot come up with a good name for my next PTU kit.
It is a Rock themed kit BUT i dont want it to have the same name as other designers' rock kits, so you see my dilemna.
So i thought i would ask all of you to help me out.
Obviously there is an incentive lol.
Whoever sends me the kit name i end up using will receive my kit for free.
If more than one person chooses the same name, i will send it to them as well, so there could be more than one winner.
Now, please try to get these into me as soon as possible, cause i cant release the kit until it has a name.
The kit colors are blue, pink and purple.
Only email me at with ONLY Blog contest in the subject line. I have set up message rules and i may miss it if you dont do this.
You can send as many names as you want in the email and if you think of something later, feel free to email me again, there is no limit. I would like to have this done by the end of the weekend though, but i have no set date. So get them in and i will let you all know when i have closed the contest.


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