Friday, February 6, 2009

New tutorial - My Secret Admirer

It seems my computer problems have me quite scatterbrained lately. After getting photoshop to work it is back to not working. But now that i installed it on my other computer, i realized it has never really worked right. And i have been having some other issues as well for awhile but i didnt really think anything of it. It happened shortly after i updated to SP3...i wish i had known not to do that in the first place, by the time i found out it was too late. Now i dont know if thats the cause but its possible. But im managing to work on another kit, hopefully done by early next week....or end of weekend if the kids share their computer with me lol.

Ok, back to subject lol.

This is my latest tutorial

I used one of the freebie kits from the Valentines blog train ;)

You can find the tutorial HERE


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