Saturday, January 24, 2009

My new services

My poll has gone pretty well this time around and i have finally decided what i am gonna do about the memberships.

If you read on the right under, My Services, you will see the particulars.
1 year of my kits for $10. 6 months of my kits for $7. Or if you are in need of a blinkie, i can make one for you. It will cost between $3 and $5, depending on whether you supply the kit or i do.
If you want to see a few of the blinkies i have done, look under my CT team. I did the binkies for Designs by Regina, Rose's Tutorials and Barb's Tutorials.
I am also up for making blog layouts, headers or anything else you may need. These would all be negotiable. Just email me, im a Jane of all trades teehee.

Just email me with what service you are interested in in the subject line. If i dont answer you within 2 days, email me again. I check my email often, so it might be that my mail was being stupid lol.

I think thats it for the moment. Dont forget the blog train departs in less than a week and my kit will only be free until Valentine's, then i will put it in my stores.

Have a great weekend!


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