Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am SO mad right now!

Ok, normally i am a pretty easy going person. I try not to get upset over little things. But this morning i couldnt help myself.
I LOVE giving away freebies, but i am seriously considering stopping doing that. Why? Cause of %#*&(@ pirates!!!!
I give my freebies away, having paid for the resources to make them and all i ask is one thing, please send people to my blog to download. Well someone has uploaded my Treasured Love blog train kit, along with everyone else who participated in the train. I am hugely pissed off.
I make many more freebies than i do PTU kits, but i think thats gonna have to change. As much as i hate to ruin it for everyone else, i just dont like being taken advantage of.
What makes it so hard to send someone a link instead? What turns you on about doing this? If you want designers to keep giving freebies you all need to start taking a stand with these pirates. Tell them to stick their links where the sun dont shine! Otherwise, there wont be freebies to go around anymore. Why do you think alot of artists when PTU? Cause of bad apples not following their TOU. Well the same is gonna happen with scrap designers if you all dont make it your responsibility to report these links to the place they have uploaded them to as well as to the designers. I know i am seriously considering stopping as many freebies as i do, or maybe all. I just hate to make everyone else suffer over some bad apples.
I do have a couple blog trains coming up, but they might be my last, we shall see.
Did i mention the person who uploaded this free stuff also uploaded PTU stuff?
Oh yes, CILM tubes, PTU scraps. I have reported them to mediafire as well as to those involved. This is what more people need to do.
I guess the saying is true, "No good deed goes unpunished."



Regina said...

Oh man, that is so uncool! I recently bought some CU stuff to try my hand at making kits & alot of work goes into it. I always heard it was alot of work but didn't realize it until I tried it out myself. It's really not hard to send someone to your blog to download freebies, I'm sorry this has happened to you.

Lisa said...

That is a shame. So many people work so hard and for someone to do that to you is unfair. I did realize on the 4 share link that you can do a search for stuff. I didn't realize that mine was made public. I since closed it so that people won't take stuff off my shared links without going to the makers site.
I hope thing change because without people like you, my untalented buttocks wouldn't know what to do.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing all that you do.

Keryn said...

I am so sorry to hear what has happened. I truly appreciate all that you do and only download from the actual blogs of designers or their shops as I don't believe in accepting pirated work.

However when you are only fairly new at this - how can you tell if something you are being offered has been pirated so as to inform the correct people?

Debbie said...

Hi Vella, Go girl. You are so right. It's great to see someone sticking up for their rights. It's so unfair that you and other's have been taken advangtage off. It seems to be happening more and more. We all need to stick together and report these idiots as soon as we see something. Another thing to watch out for is emails with bad links. Susan Darter of Raspberry Road Designs had here whole site wiped out. Then Seachell, another blogger, had her stuff on a another site and she wouldn't pay her.

First viist to site. It's beautiful and I can see you've put alot of work into it. Just subed to your emails.

Keep postive. Angel blessings from Scotland xxx