Saturday, September 27, 2008

Woohoo another award!!!

Well Jo and Jules over at J & J Scrappers, are spoiling me rotten LOL!

The rules of the I Love Your Blog Award is as follows:
1.The winner can display the award on their blog
2. Nominate 7 other blogs
3.Link those blogs and leave them a message to let them know
Wow 7, not sure i can think of 7 lol. Not that i dont know 7 deserving blogs, just that alot of them have had awards already.

Lynne @ Baby Cakes Scraps
Melissa @ WhisprdDreams Designz
Foxy @ Imperfoxtion Designz
Sunf @ Urban Fairy Tales
Delicious Scraps
The Scrappin Cop
And once again back to Jo & Jules for being such sweeties.
If you havent visited any of these blogs, you should check them out, you cant go wrong!



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