Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Tutorial "Wings of a Tiger"

I have written another new tutorial on my tutorial site. I think i have gotten my mojo back...sorta lol. I used the awesome art of Abranda Icle Sisson, who is the newest artist on UpYourArt. If you love the tubes from UpYourArt, you should consider joining the group. There are tons and tons of tube giveaways all the time. Thats how i have gotten more than half of my UpYourArt tubes, heck maybe even 3 quarters of them LMAO! I am also an Assistant Manager, so you will find me there quite often. Anyways, this tut wasnt with one of my kits, but from a kit by Delicious Scraps. Click on her blinkie on the right to get to her blog. Dont forget, you can find the link for my tutorial site listed on the right under My Sites, called Vella's Tutorials for PSP. This is what the tag looks like.



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