Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Blinkie and some very important info

First of all, isnt my new blinkie AWESOME?! Foxy from ImperFoxtion Designz made it for me, cause i was telling her how i needed a new one. And no, she didnt feel sorry for me, i am buying her a gift certificate from UYA for making it for me LOL. Not that i mind of course, i am no good at blinkies. You should check out her blog, just click on her blinkie and it will take you there.

Ok, second of all. I am in the midst of creating a Breast Cancer Awareness kit. It unfortunately wont be a freebie, even though i will make an add on freebie for it. Why isnt it free? Well, cause i will be donating half of the proceeds to the International Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Click on the name to get to their site. But if i sell alot of the kits i will donate much more. Im not quite sure how much im gonna sell it for because i havent got it completely done yet, but maybe $2.50 or $3 US. Its not a huge kit but it isnt small either, of course it could all change by the time i am done with it lol. So please, keep an eye out for it.

That brings me to my third piece of news. I have joined a store to sell my PTU kits. Now, i will still be making freebies, because i enjoy making freebies for people. But i need to earn a bit of money. I am sure you all understand. Please keep an eye out for my freebies. You can find them here on my blog or at the store, which you can get to by going HERE. Its called A-n-L Creationz, its grand opening is tomorrow (Monday). I sure hope you will stop by and check it out.

Ok and i promise, this is the LAST thing lol. I am looking for someone to make tutorials with my kits, including any PTU kits i may make. They would be provided to you for free and all i ask is a tutorial written with the kit and of course the link to it. I would love to do it myself, but there really arent enough hours in the day....unless i quit sleeping LMAO! I know that aint gonna happen lol. Anyways, thats all the news for today. Im hoping to have the new Breast Cancer Awareness kit done soon, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I wont shoot for tomorrow, i know i still have a few things to do, but hopefully early this week.



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