Friday, September 12, 2008

I wrote a new tutorial

I have written a new tutorial on my tut site using my latest kit "Bloody Halloween". You can find the link to my tut site under the My Sites heading on the right, its called Vella's Tutorials for PSP. I will show you what the tag looks like in a second but before i do, i wanted to give you some other news. First, i did manage to get the Happy Hour tutorial done and posted and forgot to tell you here, my bad lol. Anyways...Someone from another blog has also used my kit in a tutorial. Its awesome but i am waiting for her ok to snag the tag to show you. When she gets back to me i will show you and give you the link to her blog as well. Ok, now on to the preview. But dont forget, i have to shrink the tag down and since its animated it might look a bit distorted, so check out my site for the good looking tag lol. Oh and i used 2 different tubes, so i will show you both tags. Anyways....



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